Method GET
Embargo Data No
Requires authentication No
Description Single ingredients are used in the preperation of extemporaneously prepared pharmaceutical benefits.


Parameter Description Default Required Example
format specifies the output format JSON false ?format=csv
include_header specifies whether a header is included in the results. Note: only works for CSV output formats. false false ?include_header=true
download specifies whether the request should prompt a download response in the user's browser (Chrome compatible) false false ?download=true
PBS_CODE PBS Item Code relates directly to a Prescribing Rule in PharmCIS. A drug/form combination will have a different PBS Item Code for each combination of maximum quantity (or maximum amount), number of repeats, pack quantity or if the drug/form combination is listed on different programs. This information is required for the PBS website, Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits and legislative instruments compiled by the PBS Publishing Team.
false ?PBS_CODE=**exampleValue**
SCHEDULE_CODE Schedule Code is a unique identifier given to each month's Schedule. By having a Schedule Code in each table, 13 months (schedules) worth of data can be maintained in the Data Mart to assist users in the identification of Delisted Items and change-over-time. In order to see what year/month/effective date a schedule code refers to, look it up in the SCHEDULE_T table
false ?SCHEDULE_CODE=**exampleValue**
AGREED_PURCHASING_UNIT The agreed unit or quantity that a price will be calculated for an extemporaneous ingredient
false ?AGREED_PURCHASING_UNIT=**exampleValue**
EXACT_TEN_GRAM_PER_ML_PRICE The exact 10g/ml price for an extemporaneous ingredient. Required for PBS website and Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits.
false ?EXACT_TEN_GRAM_PER_ML_PRICE=**exampleValue**



curl -d

Sample Response

Get November 2020 Schedule's EXTEMPORANEOUS_INGREDIENT data in CSV format

Sample output:

 **insert here** 

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