Method GET
Embargo Data No
Requires authentication No
Description This table captures the relationships between wholesalers/suppliers and containers used for extemporaneous benefits


Parameter Description Default Required Example
format specifies the output format JSON false ?format=csv
include_header specifies whether a header is included in the results. Note: only works for CSV output formats. false false ?include_header=true
download specifies whether the request should prompt a download response in the user's browser (Chrome compatible) false false ?download=true
CONTAINER_CODE PharmCIS unique identifier code for containers
false ?CONTAINER_CODE=**exampleValue**
ORGANISATION_ID A persistent unique identifier for Organisation that allows the user to infer a wholesaling relationship between the Container and the Organisation
false ?ORGANISATION_ID=**exampleValue**
SCHEDULE_CODE Schedule Code is a unique identifier given to each month's Schedule. By having a Schedule Code in each table, 13 months (schedules) worth of data can be maintained in the Data Mart to assist users in the identification of Delisted Items and change-over-time. In order to see what year/month/effective date a schedule code refers to, look it up in the SCHEDULE_T table
false ?SCHEDULE_CODE=**exampleValue**



curl -d

Sample Response

Get November 2020 Schedule's CONTAINER_WHOLESALER_RLTD data in CSV format

Sample output:

 **insert here** 

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