Method GET
Embargo Data No
Requires authentication No
Description A table that captures the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Codes and hierarchy to map drugs to their equivalent body system.


Parameter Description Default Required Example
format specifies the output format JSON false ?format=csv
include_header specifies whether a header is included in the results. Note: only works for CSV output formats. false false ?include_header=true
download specifies whether the request should prompt a download response in the user's browser (Chrome compatible) false false ?download=true
ATC_CODE Code used to represent the chemical, pharmacological and therapeutic grouping of the World Health Organisations ATC classification system - See also "ATC Description"
false ?ATC_CODE=**exampleValue**
ATC_DESCRIPTION A text description of therapeutic groups represented by an ATC Code. The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system is a measuring unit recommended by the WHO for drug utilisation monitoring and research. Drugs are divided into groups according to the organ or body system on which they act and their chemical, pharmacological and therapeutic properties. The PBS the ATC system for categorising PBS medicines into therapeutic groups in the PBS Schedule. Structure Active substances classified in a hierarchy with five different levels. 1st level - fourteen main anatomical/pharmacological groups. 2nd level - pharmacological or therapeutic subgroups. 3rd level - chemical, pharmacological or therapeutic subgroups. 4th level - chemical, pharmacological or therapeutic subgroups. 5th level - chemical substance. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels are often used to identify pharmacological subgroups when that is considered more appropriate than therapeutic or chemical subgroups. Guidelines - Code Description example - A01AA01 A Alimentary tract and metabolism A01 Stomatological preparations A01A Stomatological preparations A01AA Caries prophylactic agents A01AA01 Sodium fluoride
false ?ATC_DESCRIPTION=**exampleValue**
ATC_LEVEL The 5 levels of catagorisation used for ATC grouping.
false ?ATC_LEVEL=**exampleValue**
ATC_PARENT_CODE Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical taxonomy is a hierarchy, the parent code links recursively back through the hierarchy to the ATC_T table to identify the parent Body System. The top-level will have a NULL parent code.
false ?ATC_PARENT_CODE=**exampleValue**
SCHEDULE_CODE Schedule Code is a unique identifier given to each month's Schedule. By having a Schedule Code in each table, 13 months (schedules) worth of data can be maintained in the Data Mart to assist users in the identification of Delisted Items and change-over-time. In order to see what year/month/effective date a schedule code refers to, look it up in the SCHEDULE_T table
false ?SCHEDULE_CODE=**exampleValue**



curl -d

Sample Response

Get November 2020 Schedule's ATC data in CSV format

Sample output:

 **insert here** 

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